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Lisa Lauro

Senior Healthcare Specialist, Secure Money Health

Secure Money Health is an affiliate company to Secure Money Advisors which has been assisting clients in retirement planning for 15 years. Together the two companies seek to secure wellness and financial success for their clients.

Lisa is a licensed insurance agent specializing in health insurance for retirees. She assists clients in understanding the parts of Medicare and guides them through the Medicare enrollment process. As a former educator of 18 years, Lisa has an innate ability to explain Medicare in a way that makes sense.

Originally from Long Island, NY she ventured down to North Carolina where she attended and graduated from Elon University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education. She spent 16 years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before moving to snowy and cold Pittsburgh to be closer to her three brothers and sister.

With a love for children and the patience of a saint, Lisa is a proud mother to Luciana Angela. Together they enjoy traveling to new places, painting, and various art projects as well as riding bikes and walking their dog Cocoe

SM Health Medicare User Process

Step 1:

We walk you through Medicare options you are eligible to receive and discuss your needs and budget. You can ask questions and get immediate answers to inform your decisions.

Step 2:

Once understanding has been reached, and you feel confident in making a selection, together we determine the plan that will best meet your needs and goals.

Step 3:

We enroll you directly into your plan(s) - this can often be accomplished online, via the phone, or through a virtual meeting.

Medicare Enrollment

Medicare Enrollment

Those receiving Social Security, Railroad Retirement, or disability benefits, will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A & B, and sent an Initial Enrollment Package with Medicare Card 3 months prior to a 65th birthday or 24th month of disability. Others will need to file an application through the Social Security Administration.
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Am I Eligible?

Medicare Eligibility

A US citizen or permanent resident who has lived here at least 5 years can enroll in Medicare 3 months before or after they turn 65. One can also enroll if they've been receiving Social Security disability benefits for at least 24 months, or if they have end-stage renal disease or ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).
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What is Medicare

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is our Federal Insurance Program designed for people 65 years or older, certain people with disabilities, and those with permanent kidney failure treated with dialysis or a transplant. Also known as Original Medicare, there are 2 Parts to Medicare - Part A (hospital insurance), and Part B (medical insurance)
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Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplements

Also known as Medigap, Medicare Supplements are insurance policies that help one pay the out-of-pocket costs (coinsurance & copayments) of Medicare. Some will also help cover emergency care that may be needed when traveling outside the U.S. (which Medicare won’t do).
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Lisa Lauro - Senior Healthcare Specialist - Secure Money Health
Lisa Lauro, Senior Healthcare Specialist

Hi, my name is Lisa Lauro. I help individuals understand wellness packages available as part of your Medicare choices. This includes providing an understanding of both the pros and cons of Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage.

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Lisa Lauro

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